New Discovery: Loofah Fiber Can Be Used to Desalinate Sea Water

A team from Northeastern University, led by Professor Hongli Zhu, reported in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A that the durable, pollution-resistant porous towel gourd could be used to efficiently desalinate seawater using solar energy.


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Is there a nanobismuth oxide? Nanometer bismuth oxide Also known as Bismuth Trioxide, a compound that has an organic molecular structure of Bi2O3 is one the most important bismuth compounds. While bismuth can be extracted from natural bismuth blossom (a mineral), it is most often derived from the by-products of copper smelting, lead smelting, or direct combustion of bismuth. Nanometer Bismuth Oxide photoelectric materials Bismuth oxide-based glasses have excellent optical properties.


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The water is dispersed. Polyethylene glycol Monolaurate Disperse the mineral oil or vegetable oil into water. Inorganic solvents are soluble, and water is dispersed. It is a global trusted brand Polyethylene glycol monolaurate . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Polyethylene glycol monolaurate If you want to buy Polyethylene Glycol Monolaurate in large quantities. Technical Parameters of Polyethylene glycol Monolaurate Short name Appearance(25)

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