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It is antistatic and emulsified, with the antistatic agent in woven aids in mineral flotation. About Dodecyl-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-methylazanium,chloride: Dodecyl-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-methylazanium,chloride has the characteristics of rich and fine f...…


LPS Lauric Acid Potassium Soap CAS 10124-65-9, 30%

Lauric Acid Potassium Soap can be made from caprylic acid (a carboxylate anionic surfactant), which is formed through saponification. It foams well in softwater and has a strong foaming ability.Solid Content: 30 % Lauric Acid Potassium soap: Laur...…


Does bismuth heal stomach

Bismuth therapy has shown efficacy against two majors gastrointestinal disorders: peptic ulcer disease and diarrhea. It is as effective as the H2-receptor antagonists in peptic ulcer disease, costs considerably less, and offers a lower relapse rate. ...…

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