What is a glass bubble

Glass Bubbles are tiny, hollow glass microspheres (Figure 1). They appear as a white, free-flowing powder made from a water-resistant and chemically stabile soda-lime-borosilicate glass. Apply a THIN and EVEN coating of STARGLOW Powder Bond to a wate...…


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What is the action of molybdenum disulfide in oil

The role of molybdenum disulfide in oil is to improve the anti-wear performance of oil, and reduce the use of engine wear and abnormal, because molybdenum, this metal element hardness, is relatively high. Molybdenum disulfide is a solid surface lubri...…


Gas pressure on the reaction kinetics for synthesizing graphite

To further examine the effect of CO2 concentration and gas pressure on the reaction kinetics for synthesizing graphite, inert argon was first introduced into the 35 bar CO2–LiAlH4 reactor until the gas pressure of 75 bar was reached. During heating, ...…


High Purity Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 CAS 1344-28-1,99.5%

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