What is Synthetic Graphite Powder?

Synthetic graphite plays a significant role in a few highly specialized industries. Here’s a look at what it is and why investors should know about it.…


What is High Purity Graphite Powder?

The China Securities New Energy Vehicle index rose as much as 4.1 percent after a strong rally in lithium-ion shares on the Chinese stock market. Brokerages said lithium enterprises would usher in marginal expectations, and currently, it may be the b…


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An Overview of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

What is Iron Oxide?Iron Oxide nanoparticles have been discovered to be promising materials for various biomedical applications; for example, they have been used for cancer detection, screening, and chemotherapy studies during the last few decades. Li...…


Fumed Silica Based Ultra High Purity Synthetic Quartz Powder via Sol Gel Process

Fumed silica-based ultra-high-purity synthetic quartz powder was developed via the sol–gel process to apply to quartz wares and quartz crucibles for use in advanced semiconductor processes. The process conditions of preparing potassium silicate solut...…


3D printing new materials, the strength is ten times that of steel, and the density is only 5% of steel, which is impressive!

The Massachusetts Institute used a multi-material 3D printer to study one of the most durable lightweight materials. By compressing and melting the graphene sheets, they created an article with a density of 5% of steel and a strength of 10 t…

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