The Applications of Aluminum Nitride Powder

An overview of Aluminum Nitride Powder AlN can easily be stabilized to 2200degC. It has a high intensity at room temperatures and a slow decrease with increasing temperature. It is a thermal shock material because of its high thermal conductivity...…


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Titanium aluminum carbide (Ti3AlC2) belongs to the hexagonal crystal system and has the characteristics of metal and ceramics: it has the same conductivity and heat conduction as metal but also has the same high elastic modulus and excellent high-tem...…


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What are the Application of Alumina Industrial Ceramics | Mis-asia

Alumina ceramics' main characteristics Alumina ceramics, a ceramic material containing alumina (Al2O3) is used in thick-film integrated circuits. High conductivity and mechanical strength are all characteristics of alumina ceramics. You will need ...…

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