Main performance of hollow glass brick

Hollow glass bricks are a new member of the glass family. They maintain the original characteristics of glass and incorporate new functions in building construction, such as structural blocks. They also have solid decorative parts due to their different specifications, patterns, and colors. Due to the sealed cavity inside the hollow glass brick, it has excellent performance of sound insulation, heat insulation, light control, fire prevention, reducing dust penetration, and preventing condensatio


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Thermoelectrics of Bismuth Telluride

In 1821, T.J. Seebeck discovered the Seebeck effect when he noticed that a compass needle was deflected when a metal was heated with a heat gradient. He called the effect thermomagnetism. Oersted later redefined it when he observed that an electric current could produce a magnetic field and gave it the correct name of thermoelectricity. Thermoelectric devices can convert electrical energy into a temperature gradient. The application of this cooling or heating effect remained minimal until the de


Properties of natural graphite

The chemical composition of graphite is carbon (C). Naturally produced Graphite is rarely pure and often contains impurities, including etc. Natural graphite minerals are iron black, steel gray, streaks bright black; Metallic luster, cryptic aggregate luster dim, opaque; The hardness has anisotropy, the vertical cleavage plane is 3 ~ 5, and the parallel cleavage plane is 1 ~ 2. The soft density of 2.09 ~ 2.23g/, a sense of slippiness, easy to pollute fingers. Mineral thin slices are generally op


What are the difference between natural graphite and artificial graphite?

Graphite can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite.

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