Main performance of hollow glass brick

Hollow glass bricks are a new member of the glass family. They maintain the original characteristics of glass and incorporate new functions in building construction, such as structural blocks. They also have solid decorative parts due to their differ...…


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Effect of Foaming Agent

The study focuses on ultra-light foam concrete (FC) as a thermal insulation material. Two important properties of such material were investigated: compressive strength and thermal conductivity. In the conducted tests, the influence of the air-dry den...…


When less is more: A single layer of atoms boosts the nonlinear generation of light

Artistic image of the light generation using a heterostructure of graphene and metal nanostructures. This heterostructure allows for a giant enhancement of a nonlinear optical process that changes the properties of light, such as its freque…


Properties and Application Fields of Silicon Carbide

The four primary application areas of silicon carbide are functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives, and metallurgical materials.…

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