What is hollow glass prism

A hollow prism is made using a glass plate with the center part of the prism vacant. This cavity can be filled with gas or other fluids. Thus, a hollow prism is also commonly called a fluid prism. Hollow glass microspheres achieve high Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) levels in coatings. Hollow phenolic resin microspheres are used as raw material to produce SIGRATHERM hollow microspheres. The phenolic beads are first carbonized and afterward graphitized at 2000 °C (3632 °F), turning into graphitize


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Molybdenum disulfide plasmonic heterostructures

Similarly, the photoresponsivity of 59.60 A W−1 and detectivity of 4.51 × 1010 Jones for the 1L MoS2/AgNW hybrid photodetector were 1000 times enhanced compared to those of the pristine 1L-MoS2 photodetector (0.05 A W−1 and 4.11 × 107 Jones). The significant improvement in the optoelectronic properties of the 1L MoS2/AgNW hybrid photodetector occurred due to the surface plasmon coupling of the AgNW network. In another study, Jing et al. enhanced the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) by

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