Why is hollow glass so expensive

Price. Artisan glass beads take a great deal of time to create. The artisan has usually studied Glass for years before they sell their work, often taking many classes to perfect their skill. There is a great deal of time invested in each bead and the...…


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Lubrication mechanism of molybdenum disulfide additives

Molybdenum disulfide was first used as a carriage-bearing lubricant during the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century. Then, during World War II, both the Max Planck Institute (Max Planck Institute) in Germany and the National Aeronautics Counc...…


What is aluminum powder

As nano-aluminum powder (NAP) can improve the detonation performance of aluminum-containing explosives, more and more explosives with NAP as the metal ingredient have been studied. It is believed that the added nano-sized aluminum powder can signific...…


How to prepare MAX phase ceramic materials

There are many preparation methods for MAX phase materials. According to different final morphologies, there are different synthesis processes. The morphologies of MAX phase materials are generally massive, powdery and thin film.…

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