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High temperature oxidation of calcium hexaboride powders

What is calcium hexaboride?The oxidation process of calcium hexaboride (CaB6) ceramic powder was investigated systematically in this paper. The CaB6 powder samples were heated continuously from room temperature to 1473 K at a heating rate of 10 K/min using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The oxidation tests were conducted at different exposure temperatures, and the phases and morphologies of the samples before and after exposure were analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning e


Borosilicate glass of boron

Borosilicate glass, typically 12–15% B2O3, 80% SiO2, and 2% Al2O3, has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, giving it excellent resistance to thermal shock. Schott AG's "Duran" and Owens-Corning's trademarked Pyrex are two prominent brand names for this glass, used in laboratory and consumer cookware and bakeware, chiefly for this resistance. Several boron compounds are known for their extreme hardness and toughness. Boron carbide is a ceramic material which is obtained by decomposing B2O3 wi


Zinc sulfide Powder – Property and Application |

Zinc sulfide It is an organic compound with the chemical formula ZnS. The powder's color ranges from light yellow to white. Zinc sulfuride turns darker when exposed light is applied. The Property of Zinc Sulfide - Zinc sulfuride is stable when dry. If it's left in humid conditions for long periods of time, or is moist, it can slowly oxidize and become zinc sulfate. Zinc sulfuride dissolves in dilute inorganic acids, is easily soluble by alkali and is irritating in zinc sulfide. Zinc su

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