The Applications of Magnesium Nitride Powder

Magnesium Nitride Pulver Overview Magnesium-nitride The chemical formula Mg3N2 refers to an organic compound that contains magnesium and nitrogen. It turns a yellowish green color at room temperatures and under pressure. Magnesium-nitride, ...…


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Geologic Importance of graphite

What is Graphite?Well-formed crystals of Graphite are quite rare in nature, and most Graphite occurs in its massive form. It is a metallic mineral, black to dark gray, with a distinctive greasy feeling. This greasy nature reflects its internal crysta...…


The Discovery of Carbon Nanotubes

Sumio Iijima, who missed the Nobel Prize, discovered carbon nanotubes at the age of 52…


Foam stability of concrete foaming agent

The technical characteristics of foam stability, the overall technical characteristics of foam with excellent stability are that the liquid film is tough, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to external force disturbance, and can withstand a…

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