The applications of Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powder

An overview of Spherical Al Oxide Powder Alumina is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula Al2O3.It is a high-hardness compound and is also called bauxite in mining,ceramics and materials science.It is a white solid insoluble in water,odorless,tasteless,and very hard in nature.It is easy to absorb moisture but does not deliquescence (non-hygroscopic after burning).Alumina is a typical amphoteric oxide (corundum is alpha-shaped and belongs to the most densely packed hexagonal


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Applications of Diamond Nanoparticles

What is Diamond Nanoparticles?Diamond Nanoparticles are high-surface-area carbon nanomaterials. Nanoscale Carbon Particles are typically 10 - 45 nanometers with a specific surface area in the 30 to 50 m2/g range and also available with an average particle size of 75 to 100 nm range with a particular surface area of approximately 2 to 10 m2/g. They are also known as dispersion through AE Nanofluid production group. Nanofluids is generally defined as suspended nanoparticles in solution using surfa


An incredible shirt, bringing you the most realistic experience in the game

Owo developed the Owo Game tactile shirt, which allows your body to feel every blow in the game. This scary invention won the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award. It can interact with games on mobile phones, PCs, c


A New High-Strength Nanofiber Material: Bulletproof and Insulating, May Be the Next Generation of Spacesuit Material

A team led by Kevin Kit Parker at Harvard University in the US has developed a new bulletproof thermal insulation material 20 times stronger than Kevlar, which may be used in space suits in the future.

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