What is Tungsten Disulfide Powder?

How do you define it? Tungsten Disulfide Powder ? Tungsten dioxide is an inorganic compound that has a molecular formula WS2 as well as a 247.97 molecular weight. Tungsten disulfide is a fine crystal, or powder, that has a gray metallic shine. This compound belongs to the hexagonal crystal structure, which also exhibits semiconducting properties and diamagnetic characteristics. Tungstenite is a natural mineral. This layer structure is simple to dissolve and exhibits similar lubricati


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Currently, only a few countries in the world, such as China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States, have the production capacity of silica fume. The market for silica fume in China is mainly domestic. The silica fume industry is a capital, technology, and resource-intensive endeavor. Silica fume production is closely related to the supply of raw materials. China's quartz sand resources are mainly distributed in Fengyang, Anhui Province, Donghai, Jiangsu Province, Guangxi, and other places. T


Preparation Methods And Application of Aluminum Carbide

Aluminum carbide (Al4C3) is an ionic compound with a diamond-hexahedral structure, which has high hardness, shear strength, and melting point, making it an ideal second-phase strengthening material for aluminum-based materials.


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Silicon nanoparticles refers to crystalline silicon particles less than 5 nanometers (1 billion (1G) of a meter) in diameter. Nano silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size, and uniform distribution. With th

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