Cuprous oxide is one of the two stable oxides of copper

Overview This is Cuprous oxide Cu2O stands for Cuprous Oxide. This is monovalent copper dioxide. Cuprous oxide is used primarily in ship bottom antifouling paint, insecticides, various copper salts, analytical and reagents as well red glass. H...…


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The Bayer Process-The Main Production Method of Alumina

Alumina Bauxite is a stable aluminium oxide that is used in ceramics, material science and mining. The rapid development of our country’s electrolytic aluminium, ceramics industries, medicine, electronics and machinery will increase the demand for a...…


Introduction of Ti3AlC2

Since Pietzka and Schuster first synthesized Ti3AlC2 bulk materials by sintering cold-compacted powder mixtures of Ti, TiAl, Al4C3, and C at 1300 °C in pure hydrogen for 20 h [1], various methods have been attempted to synthesize Ti3AlC2 bulk materia...…


Valleytronics of Molybdenum disulfide

Due to the lack of spatial inversion symmetry, odd-layer MoS2 is a promising material for valleytronics because both the CBM and VBM have two energy-degenerate valleys at the corners of the first Brillouin zone, providing an exciting opportunity to s...…

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