"Industrial Monosodium Glutamate" Titanium Dioxide Price Surge Industry Leading Emergency Price Adjustment

The impact of the epidemic overseas is waning, demand is gradually recovering, the chemical price tide is gradually spreading, this time it is the turn of titanium dioxide. At present, titanium dioxide prices appear to stop the signs of reco


Japan's world-leading technology industry

The recently years, the impression to Japan may be more biased towards beauty, cherry blossoms, Japanese dramas, animation, two-dimensional, otaku culture... But as a highly developed capitalist country, Japan has a developed cultural indust


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Is titanium carbide hard?

What is titanium carbonide? Titanium carbonide is a iron-gray, cubic-shaped crystal that has metallic luster. The lattice constant for this simple cubic structure of NaCl is 0.4329 nm with an Fm3m-space group. The carbon atoms have the same properties as titanium atoms, while solid covalent bonds link TiC atoms. Tic is similar to metals in that it exhibits high melting point and boiling point as well as hardness. The hardness of Tic surpasses diamond's. Uses of titanium carbide In aeros


βFe2O3 was found to transform into a completely new crystal structure

Surprisingly, β-Fe2O3 was found to transform into a completely new crystal structure following the Rietveld refinement of the synchrotron radiation XRD patterns recorded at pressures above 30 GPa. The analyses were carried out adopting the following scenario. At high pressures (42.9–64.4 GPa), α-Fe2O3 transforms into RO-Fe2O3 and PPV-Fe2O3 with consistent transition pressures compared with the previous reports. On the other hand, β-Fe2O3 transits to a different new phase. By indexing these new p


How Artificial Graphite Is Made

The manufacture of Artificial Graphite has several methods. The first is extrusion molding, which is used to produce electrodes and other products that require a uniform cross section. In this process, the mixture is cooled to about 125°F before the

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