The OnePlus 10 Pro leaked a bland upgrade

Googles Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are taking android enthusiasts attention away from the OnePlus, but it may be months before the underdog in the Android phone war regains attention. Competing with Googles new device is the OnePlus 10 Pro, a f


In a leaked unofficial rendering, the Apple Watch 8 shows off a familiar design

The Apple Watch 8 May is not available until September 2022, but were already getting a leak of details about Apples next smartwatch -- the latest one unofficially showcases a very familiar design from its predecessor. Thats from @Leaksapple


Leaked renderings show that Samsung's next big-cost 5G phone will not have a jack

For very obvious reasons, the Galaxy S22 series and the oft-delayed S21 FE 5G have dominated Samsungs smartphone spotlight over the past few months. But its also clear that the company plans to release several other Android phones in early 2


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The water to cement ratio of FC with the density

The effect of the chosen factors, such as the water-to-cement ratio of FC with a density of 400–800 kg/m3, the water content of FC with a density of 300–800 kg/m3, different filler types of FC with a density of 1200–1600 kg/m3, fiber content, curing conditions and dry density of FC with the density of 400–800 kg/m3 on mechanical properties is the subject of the studies as mentioned earlier. The compressive strength tests of the materials with the lower densities are rarely performed; nevertheles


The price impact of falling European gas prices and rising global oil demand on aluminum foundry casting

Natural gas prices have fallen further in Europe as a spell of warm weather delays the heating season, providing some respite for a regional economy on the brink of recession. The mild weather is likely to extend into the month, with forecasters Maxar Technologies LLC and Marex not expecting cold weather in November. This is a relief for consumers worried about heating costs and governments keen to ensure healthy gas reserves a


What is Bismuth Oxide Powder?

Micro-powders come in many forms. Bismuth Oxide Powder One of the most flexible and practical. This oxide can be used to synthesize many compounds, such as those found in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. It is a micro-powder with a high purity that can be used in analytical procedures. It is also useful in industry as a pigment filler. Because of its high granularity, it is possible to control the particle size and distribution in a wide range of industrial applications. Properties of the

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