The difference between foam concrete and lightweight aggregate

Foamed concrete is to fully foam the foaming agent diluent by mechanical means through the foaming system of the special equipment for foamed concrete, and evenly mix the foam with the cement slurry, and then conduct in-situ construction through the…


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Crystalline bulk silicon is rather inert

Crystalline bulk silicon is relatively inert but becomes more reactive at high temperatures. Still, the formation of the vitreous dioxide rapidly increases between 950 °C and 1160 °C, and when 1400 °C is reached, atmospheric nitrogen also reacts to ...…


Silicon Nitride structures and properties

Silicon Nitride HTML3N4 contains two types of crystal structures: b–Si3N4 and . Each of these three-dimensional networks are composed of common verices of [SN4] Tetrahedron. They both belong to the hexagonal system. Their differences lie in the ord...…


Is quartz a stone or marble

Almost all differences between marble and Quartz come from how they are produced. Marble is a natural stone without any additional components. Quartz is made of natural quartz stone, resins, and polymers. This fact affects almost all other characteri...…

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