TR-40 Foam Concrete Blocks Making Machine

Large-scale foam concrete backfilling projects such as highway roads and bridges, backfills of bridge abutments, replacement and heightening above tunnels, large-scale coal mine filling, and road widening soft foundation backfilling.…


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Vietnam's construction and building materials industry has enormous potential, and demand for superplasticizer in concrete has steadily increased

Although the global epidemic is now severely affected, Vietnam is also affected by the plague, and the construction industry has not grown much in the short term. Still, the overall growth potential of the construction industry in Vietnam is…


Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles at Interfaces |

The self-assembly at interfaces of nanoparticles has been the focus of many studies ever since Pickering's emulsion first became known in the early 20th century. This phenomenon is the fact that solid particles spontaneously migrate on fluid interfac...…


What is Aluminum boride?

What is Aluminum boride? Aluminum boride is a binary compound of aluminum and boron, the chemical formula is AlB2. It is a red solid at room temperature and pressure and loses its surface gloss when heated. Aluminum boride is stable in cold…

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