Reconfigurable Active Liquid Metal Swimming Nanorobot Cluster

Liquid metals, especially gallium and gallium alloys, can be liquid at room temperature. They have the characteristics of fluidity, low viscosity, good biocompatibility, and high thermal conductivity. These characteristics make gallium-base…


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Affected by COVID-19, BEITE Casual Shoes Manufacturer adjusts prices of products exported to Europe

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Mg3N2 Powder, which is extremely sensitive to moisture moisture

What role does the Mg3N2 Pulver play? Magnesium nutride It is soluble in acids and insoluble with ethanol. 800, and then decomposition in water. 700 Sublimation The air decomposes into Mg (OH), 2 and NH3. It is an organic compound that has wide a...…


Spirulina coated with semiconducting compound can purify water and produce bio-fuel.

Swiss Federal Material Science Laboratory found spirulina coated with semiconducting compound can purify water and produce bio-fuel.…

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