What is Lithium 12-hydroxystearate?

Russia's insistence on paying for Russian gas in rubles has rattled European countries: Greece held an emergency meeting of suppliers, the Dutch government would urge consumers to use less gas, and the French energy regulator told consumers not to pa…


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What is Amorphous Boron Powder?

According to statistics from China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, China's export volume and export value of lithium-ion batteries have continued to increase. In 2021, China's exports of lithium-ion batteries were 3.428 billi…


Nanoscopy through a plasmonic nanolens

Simulated far-field images from a single emitter in the gap progressively shifted sideways. (A) Schematic plasmonic NPoM with vertically oriented dipole emitter placed at r, up to 15 nm offset from center. (B) Simulated far-field real-space…


NMR confirms molecular switches retain function in 2-D-array

Regular 2D assembly of isotopically labelled molecular switches (Source: uochb.cz/en/news/171) Researchers led by Jiří Kaleta of IOCB Prague have synthesized regular 2-D assemblies of isotopically labelled molecular switches and measured…

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