Tianjin University laboratory proposes the design of the stable, high-energy zinc-manganese battery

Although lithium-ion batteries are currently one of the most widely used rechargeable energy storage systems, they contain volatile organic electrolytes, which significantly reduces their safety.The most promising alternatives to lithium…


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Maltodextrin can only be used in combination with water reducer and pumping agent, because it is a kind of concrete retarder, which can delay the hydration rate of cement and enable concrete to reach from the station to the construction site as requi...…


Concrete Foaming Agents afford more on Lightweight concrete

Concrete foaming agents are substances which increase concrete's density. These agents improve the flow of the concrete mixture and fill in any voids. These compounds can be used to reduce the cement needed for concrete. They do however lower the con…


Preparation method of molybdenum disulfide

The synthesis method can produce high purity, few impurities, and fine particle size and can prepare sulfides that meet different functional requirements. Therefore, nano-sulfide production using the synthesis method has always been of great concern....…

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