Introduction to the characteristics of lithium silicate

What is lithium silicate?Lithium silicate is a compound formed by the structure and formation of the metal lithium and silicate, and its trade name is lithium water glass. Most of them use the lithium hydroxide method to react sodium silicate with su...…


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Processing of Monolayer MoS2

What is Molybdenum disulfide?Molybdenum disulfide belongs to a class of materials called 'transition metal dichalcogenides' (TMDCs). Materials in this class have the chemical formula MX2, where M is a transition metal atom (groups 4-12 in the periodi...…


Microsoft researchers train AI to use hide-and-seek to find software bugs

Microsoft researchers have been working on deep learning models that are trained to find software errors without learning any real-world errors. Although there are dozens of tools available for static analysis of code in various languages t…


A comparative study of the utilization of synthetic foaming agent

Lightweight geopolymer concrete was synthesized using fly ash as an aluminosilicate source with the addition of a pore-forming agent. The synthesis of a geopolymer was conducted by employing various volume ratios of geopolymer paste to the foaming ag...…

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