Artificial Intelligence "Enters" the Field of Mathematics

The British "Nature" magazine published a machine learning framework on the 1st that can help mathematicians discover new conjectures and theorems. The framework was developed by DeepMind and has helped discover two new conjectures in the fi


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Metal borides are hard compounds formed by transition metals and boron. The crystal structure of boride is determined by the structural characteristics of boron atoms. The chemical stability of the boride is gradually decreased in the order of IVA to VIA.


What are the benefits of boron?

The effect and action of borax can usually clear heat and detoxify. Borax taste sweet and cold cools into the lung and stomach channels and clears heat, detoxifies; external use has the effect of antisepsis, and oral has the function of clearing heat and eliminating phlegm. It can treat oral erosion, red eye, and other facial diseases, usually combined with a heat antidote used, made into powder or mouthwash. Ice boron powder is the most commonly used treatment for tongue erosion and sore throat


Monobranch C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate, 37%

Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate (C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate) is an anionic sulfate ester salt. It is highly electrolyte stable, easily soluble, and compatible with hard water.Solid Content 37% Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate C8-10: Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate, also known as C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate, is an anionic sulfate ester salt. It has good dispersibility in water, is compatible with hard water, and a high level of electrolyte resistance. It is a global trusted brand Monobranch C8-10 Alcohol Sulpha

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