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Application and development history of Nano gold solution

Hail Mary solution Made from high-purity raw materials, it is also made with gold. A new process transforms gold into particles smaller than 15nm. This significantly improves gold's inherent qualities, like its catalytic effects, free radical ...…


What is silicon monoxide powder?

Silicon monoxide is an inorganic compound, chemical formula SiO, at room temperature and pressure for black-brown to yellow color amorphous powder, melting point 1702C, boiling point 1880C, density 2.13g/ cm , difficult to dissolve in water,…


Structural use of SiO2

About 95% of the commercial use of silicon dioxide (sand) occurs in the construction industry, e.g., for the production of concrete (Portland cement concrete). Certain deposits of silica sand, with desirable particle size and shape and desirable clay...…

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