Metal borides are hard compounds formed by transition metals and boron. The crystal structure of boride is determined by the structural characteristics of boron atoms. The chemical stability of the boride is gradually decreased in the order of IVA to VIA.


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Titanium nitride Characteristics and Application

What is Titanium Nitride? Titanium nitride TiN (also known as Tinite), is a very hard ceramic material. It's often used as a coating for titanium alloys and steel components. The thin TiN coating can be applied to protect and harden cutting and sliding surfaces. Due to its gold appearance, it is also used as an exterior non-toxic for medical implants. Most applications require a coating that is less than 5 micrometers (10.00020 in). Specifications of Titanium Nitride Titanium Nitride'


The toxicity of CuO NPs

NPs exhibit different toxicological effects compared with larger particles of the same chemical composition. The key factors influencing CuO NPs' toxicity are size, shape, surface modification, morphology, and concentration. The systemic distribution of particles depends on the ability to diffuse through tissues or cells, which is partly determined by the surface charge of the particles. Once inside the cells, NPs may interact with organelles and generate reactive oxygen species (ROS), which dis


Xiaomi's Series 12 phones are among the first to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone and wearable device. The Mi 12 series is currently only available in China and comes in two models: the Mi 12 and the Mi 12 Pro. Both phones are the first to use Qualcomms Snapdragon 8-gen 1

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