Solar: 'Wonder material' phosphorescent nanoribbons live up to expectations in the first demonstration

Phosphotene nanoribbons (PNRs) are ribbon-like chains of the two-dimensional material phosphorus, similar to graphene, made up of atomic layers one atom thick.PNRs were first produced in 2019, and hundreds of theoretical studies have predict…


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Frontrunner Vaccine Will Affact the Price of Ammonium iron(II) sulfate hexahydrate ((NH4)2Fe(SO4)2 xH2O (x

CEO of Pfizer partner BioNTech says coming winter will be hard but by April, 300 million immunization units should be ready, which will have an impact on the global pandemic.If coronavirus vaccination…


The iOS 15.2 version has a function that can determine whether the screen or battery is OEM

Apple is about to add a new feature to the iPhone to notify users whether the device has been repaired before and whether it uses a genuine screen or battery. With the upcoming iOS 15.2 update for iPhone, a new part and service history secti…


Scientists Respond: Animals May Sense Earthquakes

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes and tsunamis are accompanied by infrasound. Some animals can feel infrasound. Many animals, such as dogs, cats, rats, domestic animals and other mammals, will run screaming, panic and move in groups.…

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