Nanowire technology can double the efficiency of solar cells

For billions of years, organisms have evolved a variety of ways of reproduction to continue life. Recently, a research team from the University of Vermont and Tufts University in the United States discovered a new way of biological reproduct…


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Ceramic Powder – Properties and Applications |

Ceramic powder This is a heterogeneous, composite material made of metals or alloys and one or many ceramic phases. Ceramic phase of cermets usually contains high melting point oxides (Al2O3,ZrO3, BeO3, MgO etc.). ), nitrides (TiN, BN, Si3N4, etc. ...…


Demei Researches And Develops Fast Self-healing Biological Materials, Which Can Be Super Self-healing

Self-healing materials, as the name suggests, are materials that can repair themselves when objects are damaged.…


The Application Range Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

The Application Range Of Sheet Metal Fabrication…

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