Nanowire technology can double the efficiency of solar cells

For billions of years, organisms have evolved a variety of ways of reproduction to continue life. Recently, a research team from the University of Vermont and Tufts University in the United States discovered a new way of biological reproduct…


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Other Kinds of Water-Reducing Agents

Other five kinds of water-reducing agents: sulfamate high-efficient water reducer, fatty acids high-efficient water reducer, HSB aliphatic superplasticizer, powder polycarboxylate, casein will be introduced.…


Graphite can be separated from natural graphite mine

Graphite can be separated from natural graphite mines or synthesized from carbon-containing compounds. The separation of natural Graphite requires multistep procedures, including graphite mining and large-scale beneficiation and purification, which i...…


What is quartz silica powder?

Quartz silica dust is the most widely used form of quartz. It contains 99.97% Silica and 0.077% Fe2O3. Silica quartz powder is white, angular, and temperature-resistant. It is widely used in painting, filtration, coatings, and other applications.…

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