Nanowire technology can double the efficiency of solar cells

For billions of years, organisms have evolved a variety of ways of reproduction to continue life. Recently, a research team from the University of Vermont and Tufts University in the United States discovered a new way of biological reproduct…


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The "Hidden" Pair Is Called Metamaterial Design Opens up New Ways

Duality refers to the correspondence between apparently different theories that lead to the same physical result.…


What is Manganese dioxide?

What is Manganese dioxide? Manganese dioxide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula MnO2, which exists in the form of pyrolusite in nature. Physical properties: black amorphous powder, or black orthorhombic crystals. Solubility:…


What is Titanium powder?

Titanium powder , titanium hydride powder: purity:95-99.4% and other specifications: Titanium powder: the product is silver-gray irregular powder, has a large suction capacity, high temperature or electric spark conditions under flammable.…

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