Key Technology of Graphene reduces the network delay by 1000 times

Semiconductors welcome a breakthrough! The Chinese Academy of Sciences overcomes the key technology of graphene and reduces the network delay by 1000 times…


A bridge allow ERC-20 tokens to exist on Dfinity’s network

This week, a new cross-blockchain bridge connecting the Ethereum network and Dfinitys Internet computer will allow ERC-20 tokens to exist natively on Dfinitys network, the developer behind the bridge said. The Internet computer is a blockch…


The startup want to break the national network monopoly

Under the open-access model, Underline builds and operates a fiber-optic network that can be used by multiple service providers and provide services to customers.Residential service starts at $49 per month for 500 megabits per second connect…


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Study Emphasizes Importance of Solid-State Chemistry in Optimizing Metal-Ion Batteries

The significance of solid-state chemistry in developments currently expected from modern and potential metal-ion batteries has been shared by professors from the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST), Lomonosov Moscow Stat…


What is FAG roller bearing?

What is FAG roller bearing? FAG bearing brand is also originated from a genius inspiration. As early as 1883, in the small German town of Schweinfurt, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinder that made it possible for the fir…


Spherical aluminum nitride is currently a good high thermal conductivity insulating filler

Spherical aluminum nitride powder is prepared by the laser flame jet fusion method. The product obtained has high purity, uniform particle size distribution, clean surface, high sphericity, no residual impurities, easy dispersion, and good c…

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