Graphene Will Be the Next Trillion-level Industry

Due to the extensive industrial application of graphene, a large-scale graphene industrial park has been formed around the world. Professor Smith predicts that graphene will be the next trillion-level industry.…


Leaked renderings show that Samsung's next big-cost 5G phone will not have a jack

For very obvious reasons, the Galaxy S22 series and the oft-delayed S21 FE 5G have dominated Samsungs smartphone spotlight over the past few months. But its also clear that the company plans to release several other Android phones in early 2…


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Nitinol Metal Powder – Property and Preparation |

What is the nitinol-metal powder property? Nitinol powder This NiTi alloy material powder belongs to an alloy that has a special memory function. Shape Memories Alloys (or SMA, short for Shape Memory Alloys) can completely eliminate the alloy's d...…


Glyceryl trioleate CAS 122-32-7

This product has a yellowish liquid that is tasteless, with a boiling temperature of 235-245 degrees Celsius. Its relative density (25C) is 0.91, it can be dissolved in alcohol and organic solvents but not in water. Glyceryl trileate : Water ...…


What is the wear resistance of hafnium carbide?

How does HfC powder work? Hafnium carbide (HfC) It is a solid gray with metallic luster. This material has the highest melting temperature of all single compounds. You will find it has great characteristics like a high melting points, hardness, h...…

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