High Purity Nitinol Titanium Ni-Ti Alloy Powder

Nitinol Titanium is a powder that is made from a shape memory metal, which is an alloy with good plasticity. At a given temperature it can return to its original form. Purity:99.9%Particle size range: 15 to 53 microns Nitinol Nickel Titanium NiTi Powder: Nitinol or Nickel-Titanium is an alloy consisting of titanium and nickel in which the proportions of both elements are about equal. The different alloys are named based on the nickel weight percentage, for example nickel. Nitinol 65 and Nit


Nitinol Alloy – Powder and Performance |

Nitinol This is a type of shape-memory alloy that can be used in 3D printing. This alloy has good plasticity and can restore plastic deformation at specific temperatures to its original shape. The binary alloy of titanium and nickel, Nitinol can be described as a binary alloy. Two crystal phases can form due to variations in temperature or mechanical pressure. These are the austenite phase, and martensite. The unique shape memory of nickel-titanium alloy has many other outstanding characterist


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