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Molecular Sieves 4A

4A molecularsieve is sodium A type silica aluminate. 4A molecular Sieve can absorb molecules of critical diameter less than 4A. About Molecular Sieves 4A 4A molecularsieve is sodium A type silica aluminate. The molecular Sieve can absorb molecules that have a diameter of 4A or less. It can adsorb water, methanol, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ethylene, propylene, etc. Any molecules which can be adsorbed with the 3A molecular sieve can also be adsorbed using the 4A type.


Foaming agents in their study produced lightweight geopolymers

Hardjito et al. stated that the F class of fly ash as the starting material was suitable for a geopolymer synthesis. Still, in this research, the fly ash used was classified as class C with a high content of CaO (more than 8% weightage). Several studies have indicated using geopolymer as lightweight non-concrete, as conducted by Posi et al., where the synthesized lightweight geopolymer contained an aggregate recycle lightweight block with a density and compressive strength of 1400 kg/m3 and 16 M


What are the dangers of zinc sulfide

Hazard summary. Minor eye irritation from dust or smoke; Inhaling high concentrations (powder, dust, or smoke) may cause mild respiratory and nasal irritation, coughing, and difficulty breathing; [Olin Brass MSDS] see zinc sulfide. Zinc sulfide is toxic and can irritate the skin. Operators should wear work clothes and protective equipment. Zinc sulfide is a white to grey-or pale yellow powder. See, the light darkens. Stable in dry air, a long time in wet air or containing water, gradual oxidatio

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