The product of Antimony Tin Oxide Nanopowder ATO has excellent quality electricity and optics

A fine light blue powder made up of antimony tin oxide particles with diameters of approximately 40nm, this material is known for its broad array of applications as a shielding material and conductor.…


High Pulse Energy Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser-an Ideal Eye-Safe Laser Radar Light Source

High pulse energy fiber lasers can have great application potential, especially for various lidar applications. In the past few years, AdValue Photonics of the United States has developed a multi-component glass fiber laser technology with i…


Silica aerogel materials have broad application potential in thermal, acoustics, optics, microelectronics, and particle detection.

Silica aerogel is a lightweight nanoporous amorphous solid material with excellent thermal and thermal insulation properties.…


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Is quartz a fake stone

Quartz is 100 percent a natural material made up of a white or colorless mineral. But, unlike natural stones, such as marble, granite, and soapstone, quartz countertops are categorized as artificial products. It's really that simple. Air bubbles in g...…


What color is iron oxide

Iron oxide is a reddish-brown solid. Iron oxide, or ferric oxide, with the chemical formula Fe2O3, is the main component of rust and hematite. The main cause of rust is that iron metal reacts with water and oxygen in the environment in the presence o...…


Branched C8 alcohol alkoxylated CAS 64366-70-7

Branched C8 Alcohol Alkoxylated has a low foaming formula, is easy to wash and removes oil stains effectively.Active Matter Content: 99.0-100 About C8 alcohol branched: This nonionic, alkoxylated branched C8 alcohol is highly wettable, does not f...…

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