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Thermoelectrics of Bismuth Telluride

In 1821, T.J. Seebeck discovered the Seebeck effect when he noticed that a compass needle was deflected when a metal was heated with a heat gradient. He called the effect thermomagnetism. Oersted later redefined it when he observed that an electric c...…


What is Titanium Carbide TiC Powder?

A wave of layoffs that has swept the entire Internet industry has intensified. China's Internet industry has experienced several crises and major changes in the past development process. There is also a "brief history of layoffs by major Internet…


Global "pandemic" new crown virus: Will it disappear on its own in summer, with a slight impact on CLC blocks

The impact of the epidemic has led all countries to initiate emergency treatment modes and close all entertainment and catering gatherings. Do not go out; major construction and industrial companies stop production. This caused severe losses…

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