Rising Star Perovskite in Materials Field

Perovskite is undoubtedly a star in the current material field. Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite has eye-catching electronic and optoelectronic properties, and has huge applications in many devices including solar cells, light-emitting di…


Small methods: a limited growth method for efficient synthesis of two-dimensional all inorganic thin-layer perovskite

two-dimensional perovskite has good application prospects in solar cells laser diodes photodetectors other fields due to its high light absorption efficiency long carrier diffusion length strong light-emitting ability other advantages. Due…


Advanced materials: reinforced concrete -- polymerization assisted perovskite grain growth enhances perovskite solar cell life

"the river is more red than fire at sunrise the river is as green as blue in spring. "As we all know the sun as the energy source of life on the earth endows the earth with vitality the driving force for social development. In today's elect…


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Properties and applications of Molybdenum Carbide Mo2C Powder

Diamonds are forever, Gold is precious but which is rarer? Gold is a heavy metal formed during the collision of neutron stars and is one of the rarest elements on Earth.During the formation of the earth, heavy elements gradually accumulated towards t…


Here, Lenovo's new ThinkBook Plus

Before the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show, pictures of Lenovos ThinkBook Plus series of new widescreen laptops appeared on the Internet, and it may be the perfect mobile workstation for content creators. This personal computer…


Quick test of LH ovulation and popular science of 4th gen hiv test

A woman is most fertile on certain dates of their menstrual cycle. The fertile window generally covers the six-day period which ends with the date of Ovulation. There are a number of effective methods ...…

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