High conductivity ultrafine zirconium boride nanoparticles were prepared by solid phase synthesis at low temperature

What is Zirconium boride? Zirconium boride is a common material in borides, and there are three kinds of zirconium boride in the boron-zirconium system, respectively, zirconium boride, zirconium diboride (ZrB2), and zirconium twelve boride


The crystal phase and manufacturing method of cobalt hydroxide

It is a rose-red monoclinic or hexagonal crystal. It is insoluble in water, slightly amphiphilic, hardly soluble in strong alkalis, but soluble in acids and ammonium salt solutions.


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Production of TIB2

TiB2 does not occur naturally on Earth. Titanium diboride powders are produced by various high-temperature methods, such as direct reaction of titanium or its oxides/hydrides with elemental boron above 1000°C, carbothermal reduction by the thermite reaction of titanium oxide with boron oxide, or hydrogen. We can manufacture. Reduction of boron halides in the presence of metals or their halides. Electrochemical synthesis and solid-state reactions have been developed among various synthetic routes


CuO nanowire arrays

Apart from improving the field emission efficiency by optimizing the aspect ratio (length/diameter) of 1D nanostructures, other methods were also used to enhance the field emission current. Wang and Li found that laser irradiation could effectively improve the field emission current of CuO nanowire arrays. The effects of laser intensity, wavelength, emission current, and working vacuum on the enhancement have been investigated in detail. Among these factors, the contribution from extra excited e


Spherical aluminum oxide nanoparticle synthesis and monolayer film assembly

What is Spherical aluminum oxide?Spherical aluminum oxide powder refers to the aluminum oxide powder material made of specific irregular corner particles by the process of the flame method. A small surface area and good liquidity feature it. Alpha Al2O3 spherical shape powder can be evenly dispersed in the organic body, and the formation of the most closely stacked gets a high filling, low viscosity, and high thermal conductivity mixture. At the same time, alpha Al2O3 spherical shape powder can

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