Leaked renderings show that Samsung's next big-cost 5G phone will not have a jack

For very obvious reasons, the Galaxy S22 series and the oft-delayed S21 FE 5G have dominated Samsungs smartphone spotlight over the past few months. But its also clear that the company plans to release several other Android phones in early 2…


Binah.ai can capture vital signs through the camera of a smartphone

Vital signs provide medical professionals with the first signs of ill health.Measuring them can assess a persons health, indicate the presence of underlying diseases, and determine whether treatments are working.AI can capture and extract a…


In a new interview, Apple executives praised the iPhone 13's camera revolution

A month ago, Apple announced the iPhone 13. With the product still rolling out globally, Apple executives looked back at the companys 15-year smartphone camera revolution and discussed how the iPhone 13 could improve the experience. Exams Th…


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Types of Studies on Iron Oxide

Iron oxide is a chemical that has several properties and applications in various industries. It is also known as Fe2O3.…


MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate CAS 164458-73-5

MES D30, a new sulfate-anionic surfactant, is an innovative product. It is easily soluble, dispersible, compatible with hard water, and has high electrolyte stabilty.Solid content: 30 % About MES DS30 Disodium PEG-5 Sulfosuccinate Laurylcitrate: ...…


The pressure induced transformation of the rare β Fe2O3 phase

The pressure-induced transformation of the rare β-Fe2O3 phase has been studied for the first time, leading to the identification of a new iron(III) oxide polymorph, ζ-Fe2O3. The transformation of β-Fe2O3 into ζ-Fe2O3 occurs above 30 GPa, and the new ...…

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