Has the era of photon computing arrived? What does the photonic chip bring to us?

What is an optic chip? A photonic integrated Circuit (PIC) is an integrated circuit that integrates multiple photonic functions. This is similar to an electronic integrat circuit. Since 2012, hundreds of functions have been integrated into the sing...…


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Zinc sulfide chemical compound

Zinc and cadmium sulfides are the most critical basic materials of sulfide-type phosphors. An essential condition of getting highly efficient phosphors is that these sulfides must first be prepared to the highest possible chemical purity before the n...…


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ChlorHexidine Acetate, Hibitane, white crystalline powder. It has a melting point between 154 and 157 deg Celsius. The solubility of the product in water is 20 degC. This compound is insoluble in ethanol. It has a mild characteristic odor. Informat...…


Synthesis and characterization of ATO nanoparticles

We aim to produce ATO nanoparticles suitable for electrode preparation, i.e., possessing an adequate electrical conductivity of ≥ 10−1 S/cm combined with the highest possible surface area to enable high capacities, moderate agglomerate size of ≤ 20 μ...…

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