Samsung's Get It Today lets you pick up your online order at Best Buy

If youre tired of long delivery times, Samsung is now teaming up with Best Buy to offer a Get It Today pickup service. This lets you buy from Samsungs online store and pick it up for free at your local Best Buy within a few hours. Selected S


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Nano boron nitride BN is a new type of nano material

Nanometer (nm) is a length unit like meters and micrometers. One nanometer is equal to ten to the minus ninth square meter, which is about an order of magnitude larger than the growth of chemical bonds. Nanotechnology is a science and techn


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The Global Silicon Metal Market Generally, there are two different types of silicon metals. One is called the Chemical grade and the other is called the Metallurgical grade. These two types of silicon metals are used for various applications. They include polysilicon for solar cell production and monocrystalline silicon for modern electronics. Zonacenalloy is a leading manufacturer of aluminum-based master alloy a que temperatu


Stearyl trimethylammonium chlorid 1829 CAS NO 112-03-8

Stearyl trimethylammonium chlorid 1829 is a cationic surfactant with good sterilization, nursing and antistatic functions.Appearance: White to light yellow clear liquid or pasteColour(APHA): Max 100Free  amine: Max 2.0%PH value  10%: 6.0-8.0Active Ma

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