IFixit cuts through apple's polishing cloth to see why it costs $19

Earlier this month, Apple (AAPL) unveiled one of its most surprising products: a $19 polishing cloth emblazoned with the Apple logo thats just the right texture to wipe fingerprints off your device. The product is currently in an unsalable s…


Classification of Alumina Polishing Powder

In the polishing process, it is indispensable to wear fine abrasive particles on the surface of the object being polished at high speed to make it smooth. They are generally called "polishing powder". Polishing powder usually includes alumi...…


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What is Aluminum Nitride AlN Powder Used For?

The China Securities New Energy Vehicle index rose as much as 4.1 percent after a strong rally in lithium-ion shares on the Chinese stock market. Brokerages said lithium enterprises would usher in marginal expectations, and currently, it may be the b…


Frontrunner Vaccine Will Affact the Price of Gallium Iodide (GaI3)-Beads - Market Trend

CEO of Pfizer partner BioNTech says coming winter will be hard but by April, 300 million immunization units should be ready, which will have an impact on the global pandemic.If coronavirus vaccination…


Market Trend and Demand-China Chang-e-5 mission Will Affact the Price of In2Se3 Indium Selenide CAS 12056-07-4

On December 17, Beijing time, at theBeijing Aerospace Flight Control Center in China, staff monitored the landingof the Chang-e-5 returner. At 1:59 on December 17, the Chang-e-5 returnercarried a lunar sample and landed safely in the planned area of…

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