What is polycarboxylate ether PCE powder?

Chemical admixtures are in high demand in concrete technology to improve their properties such as durability, fluidity, setting and mechanical properties. Among these chemical admixtures,superplasticizers are mainly used to improve fluidity at relati…


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What is selenium powder and what is it used for

Selenium powder Selenium is a chemical element that has both the symbol Se as well as an atomic number of 34. This nonmetal is more commonly called a metallic (or a metalloid), with properties that lie between the elements below and above the period...…


High Purity Zinc Oxide ZnO powder CAS 1314-23-4,99.9%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Zinc Oxide ZnO powder CAS 1314-23-4, 99.9%.…


What is the weakness of graphene

The main disadvantage of graphene as a catalyst is its susceptibility to oxidative environments. To grow graphene, toxic chemicals are used at high temperatures. Due to this, it exhibits some toxic qualities. Diamond is rarer than graphite because th...…

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