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High Performance Ultrasonicators for Graphene Exfoliation

To produce high-quality graphene nano-sheets, reliable high-performance ultrasonic equipment is required. Amplitude, pressure and temperature are crucial for reproducibility and consistent product quality. Hielscher Ultrasonics' ultrasonic processors...…


What Factors will Affecting the Price of Nano materials

Factors affecting the cost of Nanomaterials Many factors affect the price of nanomaterials. They include physical methods healthcare-related applications and cost implications. This article will look at the various aspects. Cost-related implicatio...…


Common Preparation Methods of Silicon Nitride Powder |

What's silicon nitride? Silicon nitride can be described as an inorganic material with chemical formula Si3N4. It's a structural ceramic material that is important for its high hardness, intrinsic lubricity and wear resistance. It's an atomic crys...…

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