Chinese students sue Apple for not providing a charger

Apple stopped providingheadphones and wall-mounted chargers on iPhones in 2020, only to include USB-C to Lightning cables in the packaging.Applesaid ditching chargers and headphones is to reduce carbon emissions and protect raw materials. So


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Is fumed silica hydrophobic

Aggregated fumed Silica can be applied to large surfaces to render them hydrophobic. Micro and nanoscale structures, resembling ball and block-like forms, are attributed to the hydrophobic characteristics. They enable silicone to be used safely in ovens and direct contact with food. And we also offer a further special feature: AEROSIL® fumed Silica enables you to manufacture colorless, highly transparent silicone rubber used in medical applications. Silica fume, a by-product of the ferrosilicon


High Purity 3D Printing Inconel Alloy In625 Powder

Now China has become a powerful country in science and technology, but do you know how powerful China's technology is? The manned space station alone is not enough, and now it has successfully broken through the key technology of nuclear fusion, even


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What is Zinc Nitride?Zinc Nitride (Zn3N2) Powder is a grey powder with a cubic crystal structure. It is soluble in hydrochloric acid and can decompose at 700℃. Zinc nitride is useful in optical and electronic devices. It is doped with Oxygen to prepare a potential nitride-based transparent conductor used in semiconductors. Zinc nitride can be obtained by thermally decomposing zinc amide (zinc diamine) in an anaerobic environment at temperatures over 200 °C. The by-product of the reaction is amm

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