China rapid prototyping factories

Today, when the wave of digitalization is sweeping, prototype model making plays an important role. Driven by data and manufacturing processes, it is injecting innovative momentum into the development and upgrading of various industries.…


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Development prospects of silicon carbide in the automotive field

Silicon carbide, as a typical representative of the third generation semiconductor, is carbonized. Silicon devices have the above three advantages and can provide high-voltage and high-temperature components for electric vehicles, helping de…


Polymer foaming agent cement foaming agent

What is cement foaming agent?The cement foaming agent is a kind of polymer foaming agent; most of the liquid is clear and transparent, PH degree tends to be neutral. It is used in the cement foaming machine to make foam and produce the foam concrete ...…


Advanced materials: reinforced concrete -- polymerization assisted perovskite grain growth enhances perovskite solar cell life

"the river is more red than fire at sunrise the river is as green as blue in spring. "As we all know the sun as the energy source of life on the earth endows the earth with vitality the driving force for social development. In today's elect…

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