China rapid prototyping factories

Today, when the wave of digitalization is sweeping, prototype model making plays an important role. Driven by data and manufacturing processes, it is injecting innovative momentum into the development and upgrading of various industries.


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High temperature oxidation of calcium hexaboride

The oxidation process of calcium hexaboride (CaB6) ceramic powder was investigated systematically in this paper. The CaB6 powder samples were heated continuously from room temperature to 1473 K at a heating rate of 10 K/min using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The oxidation tests were conducted at different exposure temperatures, and the phases and morphologies of the samples before and after exposure were analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). I


What is Potassium silicate

The feasibilities of consolidated samples with different potassium silicate solutions (K6, 6, and K5, five mol/L) and different additives (sands, carbonates, and the mix) were tested. All compounds can be easily made and are feasible with homogeneous aspects and the same brown–red color, regardless of their chemical composition, due to the presence of iron in the metakaolin used. A visual inspection of the heat-treated samples shows that every formulation can withstand the heating program withou


Tiny origami controlled by light

Molecular machines are incredibly small and powerful pieces of biology that power our bodies and most of the natural world. Despite being essential to all life on earth and having huge potential for revolutionising nanotechnology, humans are

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