Apple will repair the faulty iPhone 12 and 12 professional speakers free of charge

If you happen to own an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro and have recently experienced some annoying speaker issues, you may be in luck to qualify for a free Apple repair. Apple said in a blog post that a small number of devices manufactured between Octo…


Apple will sell DIY iPhone repair parts and tools

Broke your iPhone screen but cant find a repair shop or book a table at an Apple store? Phone users will be able to have their phones repaired at home from next year after the tech company said it would offer repair kits to the public. A ne…


Apple won’t break Face ID on independently repaired iPhones

Apple said it will abandon its plan to crack Face ID on independently repaired iPhones.When unauthorized iPhone 13 screen replacements began to cause the Face ID system to malfunction, the often disputed relationship between the company and…


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