SONY is reportedly cutting production by 1 million units, making it harder to buy a PS5

Even after a full year on the market, the PS5 is still hard to find, and now it looks like SONYs supply problems could get worse. The Japanese tech giant recently lowered its production target for the fiscal year ending March 2022 to about 1…


The "Squid Game" app is reportedly infecting devices with a malware virus

The squid game is still going viral -- and not in a good way. As the squid game craze sweeps the world, cybercriminals are scrambling to cash in on unsuspecting fans of Netflixs ultra-violent hit Korean drama. In the latest scam, a cybersecu…


Apple is reportedly preparing to release a new 27-inch iMac in early 2022

After Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro line earlier this week, the next Mac in need of a major update appears to be the 27-inch iMac, which could be released as early as early next year. The latest update on the upcoming iMac update came from…


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If you're wondering "Is hexagonal boron nitrimide hard?" You're not the only one. This material has been studied by hundreds of researchers around the world. Here are the facts. It is highly resistant to cracking and mechanically strong.…


What is Copper Nanopowder?

Copper is the earliest discovered chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Cu, atomic number is 29, and atomic weight is 63.546 U.…


Why tantalum carbide is a super high-temperature resistant ceramic

What is Tantalum Carbide? Tantalum carbide A black, brown, metallic powder that is cubic in structure, has a relative density of 13.9 and a melting temperature of 3880. The boiling point is 5500. It is a mix of 75% tantalum caride and 25% hafnium car...…

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