The properties of hexagonal boron nitride are generally different from those of graphite

What is boron nitride?Boron nitride (chemical formula BN), a synthetically produced crystalline compound of boron and nitrogen, is an industrial ceramic material of limited but important application, principally in electrical insulators and cutting tools. It is made in two crystallographic forms, hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) and cubic boron nitride (C-BN). H-BN is prepared by several methods, including heating boric oxide (B2O3) with ammonia (NH3). It is a platy powder consisting, at the molec


Yahoo pulls out of China

Tuesday, Yahoo said it was pulling out of China, citing an increasingly challenging business and legal environment in the country.It is the second major US technology company to announce recently that it will pull out of the Chinese market


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Application of silicon nitride ceramic material

Silicon nitride, as a compound synthesized mainly by artificial conditions, was successfully developed by foreign scientists more than 150 years ago. The silicon nitride (size about 2 × 5μm) naturally present on the earth until the ninetie


Antimony tin oxide powder properties and application

The attractive characteristics of nanomaterials in structure, photoelectric and chemical properties have aroused the interest of physicists, materials scientists, and chemists. Since the formation of the concept of nanomaterials in the early


What is MAX/MXene phase material?

MAX phase materials are novel layered carbon-nitride inorganic non-metallic materials with the electrical and thermal conductive qualities of metals

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