The sun visor can dim the future "Starlink" satellites

Space will use sun visors to dim the "Starlink" satellites and mitigate the risk of light pollution.


Amazon plans to launch its first Internet satellite by the end of 2022

Amazon announced on Monday that it plans to launch its first Project Kuiper Internet satellite in the fourth quarter of 2022. The tech giant submitted a request to the FEDERAL Communications Commission to launch and operate its first two pro


Boeing will use 147 satellites to beam broadband Internet around the world

The Federal Communications Commission approved Boeings satellite Internet project, which was first proposed in 2017.Boeing can now make progress in building, launching,and operating its broadband Internet network in space.It will join Spa


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Tungsten ring vs Titanium ring

A tanker carrying 650,000 barrels of Venezuelan crude oil is reportedly bound for Europe, the first time Venezuela has exported crude to Europe in the past two years under US sanctions. It is analyzed that the U.S. is making up for the European ener


Industrial furnace construction of Graphite

Graphite felts, foils, and other carbon modifications are required in high-temperature plants, especially for thermal insulation. Due to the good mechanical workability of Graphite, there are various possibilities for furnace design and the layout of the heating system. Heating elements made of Graphite can also be found here. In hardening shop technology, besides heating elements and insulations made of specialty graphite, charge carriers made of CFRC (carbon fiber reinforced carbon) are also r


Oleic acid diethanolamide;Oleamide DEA CAS93-83-4

It has excellent antistatic, lubrication and rust prevention abilities. About Oleic acid diethanolamide: It has excellent antistatic, lubrication and rust prevention abilities. It is a global trusted brand Oleic acid diethanolamide . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Oleic acid diethanolamide. Oleic acid Diethanolamide is available for purchase. Bulk discounts are available. Oleic acid Diethanolamide Product Performance Antistatic, lubrication ability, rust inhib

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