What is selenium powder and what is it used for

Selenium powder Selenium is a chemical element that has both the symbol Se as well as an atomic number of 34. This nonmetal is more commonly called a metallic (or a metalloid), with properties that lie between the elements below and above the periodic table. It also shares similarities to arsenic. It does not occur in its pure form in the Earth's crust. Selenium powder Concentrated sulfuric acid and chlorine are soluble. It can also be slightly soluble or insoluble with carbon disulfide. Sel


What is Selenium powder?

Selenium powder (Selenium), chemical formula Se, black-gray non-metal, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and chloroform, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, toxic, insoluble in water, and ethanol.


Selenium-enriched agricultural products will become the new darling of organic agricultural products

The demand for ordinary agricultural products can no longer fully satisfy people's quality life requirements, and people are constantly recognizing the advantages and benefits of green and organic agricultural and sideline products during co


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