The Applications of Gallium Nitride

How do you define it? Gallium Nitride Powder ? Galium nitride, an inorganic material with the chemical name GaN is made from a mixture of gallium and nitrogen. It's a semiconductor with a high bandgap, and is used widely in light emittin...…


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Why tantalum carbide is a super high-temperature resistant ceramic

What is Tantalum Carbide? Tantalum carbide A black, brown, metallic powder that is cubic in structure, has a relative density of 13.9 and a melting temperature of 3880. The boiling point is 5500. It is a mix of 75% tantalum caride and 25% hafnium car...…


Amorphous Boron Powder Application | Mis-asia

What does amorphousboron powder mean? Boron powder amorphous Is a dark-brown or black powder. It is black in color, has a hardness second to diamond, and is extremely brittle. Boron's name is boron. The name Boron comes from Arabic which means ...…


What are the types of graphite

As a mineral, natural Graphite is generally divided into flake graphite and aphanitic Graphite. It is usually formed under high-temperature geological conditions and widely distributed in metamorphic deposits. The regional metamorphism of sedimentary...…

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