Semiconductors of SiO2

Silicon dioxide is used in semiconductor technology for primary passivation (directly on the semiconductor surface) as an original gate dielectric in MOS technology. Today when scaling (dimension of the gate length of the MOS transistor) has progress...…


"Silicon Nitride" in Semiconductors |

What's silicon nitride? Silicon-nitride can be described as an inorganic material with Si3N4. It's a key structural ceramic material that has high hardness, intrinsic lubricity and wear resistance. It's an atomic crystal and is very resistant to o...…


Key Technology of Graphene reduces the network delay by 1000 times

Semiconductors welcome a breakthrough! The Chinese Academy of Sciences overcomes the key technology of graphene and reduces the network delay by 1000 times…


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Tantalum carbide preparation and applications

Tantalum carbide is a light brown metallic cubic crystal powder, belonging to the sodium chloride cubic crystal system. Tantalum carbide is also used as an inhibitor for grain growth of cemented carbide sintering, which has an obvious effec…


Thermal properties of foam concrete can be improved

Thermal properties of foam concrete can be improved by several types of additives, i.e., coir fiber, which applied resulted in higher heat capacity and lower thermal conductivity of the FC, as well as polypropylene fibers, which allowed for the reduc...…


High Purity Aluminum Nitride AlN Ceramic Microsphere, 99.5%

AlN is a good thermal conductor and can even be used in insulation for electrical circuits. You can significantly improve thermal conductivity by using AlN powder. About AlN Ceramic Microsphere, Aluminum Nitride AlN : Aluminum Nitride A...…

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