Protect your data:Facebook privacy Settings changed immediately

Facebook stores a lot of information about its users. Here are some privacy Settings to check to make sure Mark Zuckerbergs social media giant is tracking you as little as possible. Despite Facebooks attempts to rebrand itself as Meta, Mark


Elon Musk ready to launch Internet service in India

.Setting up a local office will enable Starlink to apply for the licenses needed to provide broadband in the country. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX, which also has a satellite Internet division.It aims to have 200,000 Starlin


The reason why Google set internet quick setting tile in Android 12

Android 12 has several visual changes, the biggest of which is Material You. Material Yous dynamic color feature uses Monet, a new theme engine introduced in Android 12 that is currently only available on Pixel phones. It extracts colors fro


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What is Inconel 718 used for?

A recent poll in Britain found that public support for sanctions against Russia is falling as fuel and prices rise. The proportion of people willing to accept higher fuel prices as a result of western sanctions against Russia fell 14 percentage poin


Does fumed silica absorb water

While small quantities of Silica are not thought to threaten health, having Silica contaminated water can create problems around your home. Like hard water minerals, Silica can create a scale that can impact the performance of your water-using appliances and fixtures. The resulting fumed Silica has a highly porous and sponge-like structure. It also has a larger surface area than other forms of Silica, such as ground silica and precipitated Silica. The surface area makes fumed Silica highly react


Papermaking industry scrambles to raise prices! Shortage of raw material supply Water-based calcium stearate usher in a new wave of price increases

Paper giants have raised prices one after another, and the market is ushering in a new wave of price increases. It is reported that since mid-February so far, the current base paper mill has completed four rounds of price increases, generall

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